10 Strategies To Boost Sales In A Supermarket & Retail Kirana Store In India

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Whether you are the owner of the best supermarket franchise in India or are running a very small retail Kirana shop, the business conditions are very similar for both. And in both cases, you need to figure out the right strategies for making a profit and that two in a continuous manner, regardless of market circumstances and government laws. If your trade account is deteriorating, you need to figure out what is going wrong with your business. Whatever the reason for the losses you can improve the situation with this one Mantra in your mind. Give your customers an experience that they will never forget. Entertain her or him such that they go to their known people and share positives about your place. This will ensure recurring business and even the arrival of new customers.

But only giving the experience is not enough. Any insight into the business aspects of your store and finding out the right ingredients to work on for the improvement of your trade account would be helpful. And in this blog, I am going to discuss 10 business strategies that will help you improve your business and gain profits as soon as possible.

Strategies to Increase Your Sales in a Supermarket:

1. Know Your Customer: 

Develop a habit of knowing your customers. Only when you know the customers and their needs and what interests them, can you design the product shelf and offer to attract them. This is a crucial marketing idea as it opens up the local shopping tendencies of your customers. Start thinking from your customer’s point of view. What they want must be your business’s USP. Serve them so that they come again and talk about your place often in their circle.

2. Offer Multiple Options: 

Business goes better when there are options to choose from for customers. When your salesperson shares the insights, knowledge, and various options of the customers, they respond better. You can do this only when you understand the needs and demands of the customer. According to the information you are your salesperson can suggest the best options available in your Store.

3. Minimize the Waiting Time:

Long queues are the biggest fare for customers. Especially when there are festive seasons and markets are facing a rush in the complexes. You need to use some simple queue-buster ideas to handle the crowd in the festive seasons.

.Launch a price-showing app so that your customers don’t need to enquire to a salesperson all the time.

.Shut up a mobile counter during the festive seasons.

. love your customers to shop from your website only.

4. Create Combo Packs: 

Want to sell some moving products? The best idea is to make a combo of an unmoving product with a moving product. The in-demand primary product will automatically move to the secondary product. For example- 3 soaps at 100 rupees will do better than one soap at 35 rupees. Combining your product of a result and higher engagement and more trade. It also helps you to increase ROI and maintain an accurate record of it.

5. Update Your Customers: 

Give the right value to your regular customers. Update them regularly about the status of your Store via email or SMS. Inform them ahead of your flash sales, their loyalty points, and actions done on their feedback.

6. Be an Omni-Channel Store:

The best way to interact with customers is to serve them with multi-channels. Your customers are not going to wait today in the long queue. Therefore to attract people and read to your customers you need to be fast. You can include a few services to adopt the new tine. Such as

BOPIS- Buy online and pick up in a store

ROPO- Research online and pick up offline

BIMBO- Browse in-store on mobile and buy online.

ISU- In store pick up

BORIS- buy online and return in-store

7. Use Customer’s Feedback: 

Many times, people forgot to ask for the feedback of customers. Your main business is not about what you sell. It is about people. The better value you offer to your people, the more they will reach out to you. Whenever someone shops at your store, ask for their genuine feedback. If they hesitate, don’t force them and make a warm relationship first then you can ask once more. Understand the need for experience and modify your system according to that.

8. Change Item Locations: 

It is a very easy idea to boost your sales. Your regular customers, when they come, know your item’s orientation. They directly go to the item and drop it in their basket. But when you change the locations it plays a little mind game. Research for the item and see other items as well. This small act develops a curiosity in their mind to buy new things, therefore, it increases your sales.

9. Keep Your Stock Record Updated: 

Your stock is not just your stuff. It’s your investment lying on the shelf. A good business owner always keeps a track record of his inventory. He knows what items are in demand and what just a waste of money is. A good businessman maintains the balance between demand and supply in the store.

10. Go Digital: 

Covid-19 has changed the game of business now. That long 2 years of lockdown has equipped everyone to shop for all the needs from the online platforms big or small. It is the reason why today everyone needs to be in the digital world to secure their business. It’s not a luxury right now, it’s a necessity. Also, it’s very easy and offers high ROI. With fee setups like a payment gateway and a website and social media accounts with a sponsored advertisement, you can go full into the online business mode.


Growing your business in numbers is important for a business owner to sustain their survival in this cutthroat competitive market. Avengers blog I have shared 10 strategies that can help you improve your trade account. All these points are shared by the authorities of Fairway Supermarket which is the best supermarket franchise in India. When applying all these points in your supermarket or in retail kirana stores you would see a huge improvement in your business in terms of quality and figures.

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