Our Story

During the year 2017, when we started the business considering India as one of the largest consumer markets for grocery retail, we came across one big question – ‘How to survive in the constantly changing challenging circumstances?’

Though the way of doing retail business is evolving at lightning fast speed across the sectors and even the consumer buying behavior is also changing rapidly, it is the Fairway Supermarket Stores that remain unchanged over the years.

So the major question that hammers the head is how they are going to survive & sustain in the future if they don’t adopt the new business methods?

And that’s how the idea of Fairway Supermarket was born. Our mission was clear. We wanted to create India’s largest offline marketplace for grocery retail by way of focusing on standardization, centralization & digitization and by giving new look & identity to Grocery shops in India.
The company headed in the direction of empowerment under the visionary guidance of our founder& CEO Mr. Mayank Gupta. Using his decades of global and local business experience and unmatched expertise, we planned a structured system and set the achievable goals.
Started with a thorough field research in and around Cities, we moved pan India to understand the local grocery retail at length. Our experts also studied the traditional and modern grocery systems in various parts of the world. After significant research, we concluded that the problem isn’t with the demand but it is with the unorganized way of doing business.
Considering a list of issues throughout the supply chain, infrastructure, we created a unique ecosystem to empower the entire grocery retail ecosystem. This robust ecosystem involves the retailers, suppliers, and consumers with
Fairway Supermarket as the main connecting link. The initial results surpassed our expectations and gave us the strength to achieve our aim and it was practically realized that ‘Changes are good for Growth’.
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