Ching’s Secret Manchow + Tomato Soup, Combo 2 Items


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Premium, Sumptuous and Satisfying! Ching’s premium Cooking Soups quench your craving for soups that are satisfyingly sumptuous. Each soup has a generous serving of the choicest exotic vegetables such as real Shitake mushrooms, French beans, sweet corn, broccoli, cabbage and carrots, that make each sip a memorable experience. Easy to make, these soups need to be simmered with water for just 3 minutes. The range includes Hot & Sour, Manchow, Mix Veg, Tomato and Sweet Corn Veg. Great to make for your family or even guests.
• Premium sumptuous soups

• Ready in 3 minutes

• Made with premium quality ingredients

• Contains real exotic vegetables

• Authentic flavours

• Serves 4

• 100% vegetarian


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