Greenchef Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Outer Lid Pressure Cooker – Orra, 3 L


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About the Product

Greenchef Orra Pressure cooker is the premium Stainless-Steel pressure cooker ideal for cooking curries, rice, soup and vegetables for a small family. The Stainless Steel weight and vent tube assembly ensure durability, the gasket release system ensures safety while cooking, the bakelite handle ensures smooth handling, the anti-bulging base prevents the Greenchef pressure cooker from becoming concave and retains its flatness in the bottom, the food-grade rubber gasket makes cooking healthier, the lead-free safety valve ensures that there is no contact of the food with poisonous lead content.


1. Material: Stainless Steel.

2. Capacity: 3L.

3. Features: Food grade strong & sturdy body, ergonomic handles for better grip, uniquely encapsulated bottom prevents food from getting overheated,3 layer stainless steel for efficient heat distribution.

4. Type: Pressure Cooker.

5. Colour: Sliver.

6: Brand: Greenchef.


1. These pressure cookers are strong, safe and durable.

2. This ergonomic Stainless-Steel pressure cooker maintains its gleam without corroding which is an indication of its durability.

3. The cooker is easy to clean and simple to maintain and prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for your loving family and friends.

Care Instruction

1. Clean and dry your pressure cooker immediately after every use.

2. Maintain correct water level.


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