India Gate Basmati Rice/Basmati Akki – Mogra/Broken, 5 kg Bag


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It is hard to miss the amazing aroma of India Gate Basmati Rice Mogra from a distance; the fine long grains and the aromatic flavour simply stir up your appetite. The India Gate basmati Mogra can be uniquely identified by the length of the grain and the fragrance which makes your pulao, biriyani and risotto all the more appealing.

Mogra originates from the Terai region, close to North-western Himalayas which is known as the heartland of basmati. The quality of the harvest is undoubtedly the best; it is tested, procured and then matured for one year. As a result, the grains are longer; they do not break or stick together and has an unmistakably amazing aroma.



Basmati Rice

Nutritional Facts
India Gate Basmati is not just rice; it is low fat and gluten free. Plus consuming this rice means you will be getting eight essential amino acids and folic acid. Being low in cholesterol, it allows your body to have balanced level of energy.


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