Natures Plus Organic Fertiliser, 5 Kg


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About the Product
Benefits form using manner: Provides excellent fertility, Enables the soil to loosen and provides good aeration, As the roots to penetrate easily and develop quickly, Does not cause plant burns, Safe for Humans and Pets as it does not contain harmful salts, Good soil conditioner with excellent water retention capabilities, Promotes growth and keeps the plant looking fresh and healthy always.

Natures Plus Organic Fertilizer Nutrient Composition: Nitrogen-n 1.3-1.8, Potassium-k 1.45, Phosphorous-p 1.3-2.1, Ph 7.88, Calcium-ca 3.2, Sulphur-s 0.76, Maganese-mg 0.32, Iron-fe 1.00, Zinc-zn 110mg, Magnesium-mn 36.2mg, Copper-cu 5mg, Contents: A Very Unique Mixture Of Composted Oil Cakes Of Groundnut, Castor, Pongamia And Sunflower, A Rich Blend Of Goat, Sheep, Poultry And Farmyard Manure In Required Proportion, Combination Of These Helpful For Bacteria And Fungus-like Rhizobium, Trichoderma Viride, Phospo-bacteria And Pseudomonas, Other Blends Include Fish Water, Coconut Water, Panchagavya, Bonemeal, Sugarcane And Vermicompost.

How to Use

For all Indore Plant, Outdoor Plants, Fruit-bearing trees and vegetable gardening Maintaining terrace gardening, Bonsal plants, Lawns, Apply 1-2 inch below or in rows or in rings on the surface of the plant, After Application water essential.


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